Team History

Team riders have come and gone over the past 25 years. Some don't skate any more, others still do, others are pro riders in the spot light still today. What ever they are doing now, they have helped to shape our company in many ways, and to some extent are responsible for who we are today.

Thanks guys, .... and gals for all your input and efforts it was a pleasure to know you and be able to do my small part to help you on your way. If you have any pics or any further comments you'd like me to put up about you, I'd only be too happy to do so.

Steve Sargent

Matt Hoffman

Mitch Newell

Grant "Biff" Murdoch

Scott Spring

Danny Van

Jason Ellis

Gary Valentine

Jake Brown

Dave Bodnar

Jamie Fletcher

Adam Luxford

Alex Smith

Byron Convey

Cameron Goozeff

Daniel McKeown

Pat Roads

Luke Jones

Stephen Justice

Chris Wright

Steve Tierney

Michael MacDonald

Kerry Fisher

Seb Steel

Trent Bonham

Dustin Dollin

Ryan Gooding

Steve Allen

Nathan Dent

Sangye Chritianson

Ben Bodnar

Dave Tyson

Jake Duncombe

Jacob Wright

Jamie Goodwin

Ti Coleing

Nathan Fraser

Corbin Harris

Brad Smith

Jacob Hilton

Aaron Jenkin

Paige Hamilton

Victoria Hudson

Ryan Hidassy

Jakob Robinson

Jamie Warren

Simon Deutscher

Shannon Dean

Reece Warren

Josh Darcy

Jed Whalan

Steve Adam

Nick Duffield

Brad Sterritt

Eli Scott

Max Muir

James Cliff