Steve Adam

He's been skating for approx. 10 years, he started at Fairy Meadow skate park, now he lives and skates around Shellharbour.

He rides a 7.625 size deck and usually rides 'Destructo' BAM trucks and Omni Core 53mm wheels.

His favourite skaters are Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and Colin Mc Kay, to name a few.

His favourite tricks are:  ally oop nose grab, handplant revert and fakie big spin to 5 0

His favourite places to skate are:  Monster, Helensburgh sk8 park,
and street skates around the local area (schools, construction site, surf club etc)

Other sports/hobbies he enjoys are surfing, fishing and playing the guitar.  He also plays soccer for Shellharbour and a bit of golf.

He's competed in tons of skate comps since he was 9. Since 2004 he's competed in close to 40 comps and usually in age divisions way above his age, about 1/2 have been in under 12 or 13, other comps he rode in Div's up to under 14 to 16's and even got a few first places in opens. He's come 1st over 20 times, about 11 2nd places, about 5, 3rd place...


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