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We have been manufacturing skateboards in Australia as a business since 1987.

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Omni Boards Australia has been part of the Australian skate scene since 1987. Manufacturing skateboards and sponsoring a huge team of Australias best skaters here since then.

We have a comprehensive range of products in many sizes and will be offering more product lines and ranges in the future.


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Since 1987, Omni Boards has sponsored many skaters. Our team list reads like a who's who of Australian skateboarding history.

Team riders have come and gone over the past 25 years. Some don't skate any more, others still do, others are pro riders in the spot light still today. What ever they are doing now, they have helped to shape our company in many ways, and to some extent are respoinsible for who we are today.

Thanks guys and gals, it was a pleasure to know you and be able to help you on your way.

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